Selecting a Document Type

The following types of documents are published by SLAC's TechPubs Department:


 (numbered SLAC-PUB-nnnnn)

SLAC Publications ("SLAC Pubs") are published research papers produced by SLAC authors or users doing research at SLAC. These papers include conference submissions, journals articles, or manuscripts submitted elsewhere, such as electronic archives. Patent review is required prior to publication for all SLAC Pubs. SLAC Pub numbers are assigned through idoc. (See also All About SLAC Pubs.)

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 (numbered SLAC-R-nnn)

SLAC Reports are theses, manuals, and proceedings of conferences and workshops. (Patent review required.) SLAC Report numbers are assigned through idoc. (See also All About SLAC Reports.)

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Technical Notes
 (numbered SLAC-TN-yy-nn)

SLAC Technical Notes are informal documents not submitted to a journal or conference. (Patent review required.) SLAC Technical Note numbers are assigned through idoc.

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Workshop Papers
 (numbered SLAC-WP-nnn)

The SLAC-WP series is for informal collections of meeting notes, working papers, transparencies, and handouts from presentations associated with workshops, symposia, or other meetings of comparable scope. (Patent review required.) SLAC Workshop Paper numbers are assigned through idoc.

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Not Sure of Which Category to Use?

If you are unsure about what category of publication your document is, please contact Sharon West.

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All Other SLAC Document Types

Over the years, many different document designations have been used by various departments. TechPubs has compiled a list of all document types known to exist at SLAC. If you know of a document type that is not listed, or if you have additional information about one that is, please contact posting.

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